Rozo - 100 Maclon Twisted Rug

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Head for the tropics with ROZO, a short pile rectangular rug, decorated with two pineapples and two pink flamingos.  Great colours and easy to clean, it's ideal for the kids' bedroom where it will add a wacky touch of originality, or for a student room where its quirkiness will be much appreciated.  People are going to notice it!





All products manufactured by Craftaz or sold by us, are the result of a design experience of over 20 years on national and international markets. Behind each piece of furniture are hundreds of hours of work and generations of experience. As manufacturers, we are permanently connected to all national and international design trends, but the principles we never deviate from are those related to comfort, functionality and durability. You will find in each product modern European trends, Nordic trends but also traditional Transylvanian and South Asian elements harmoniously combined with the warmth of natural wood. And because we love nature, we always make sure that the wood used comes only from certified, renewable sources.

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