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36 products

    36 products
    Carved Pot Support - Large, Mango Wood
    Plant Pot Support, Mango Wood
    Erosi - Handmade Low Vase, Teak Wood
    Antique Vase, Bronze & Stone Vase
    Bloomville Squat Ceramic Vase
    Downton Large Antique Ceramic Vase
    Juniper Antique Ceramic Vase
    Glazed Gisela Ceramic Vase
    Metallic Ceramic Tapered Vase
    Set Of Two Concrete Table Top Planter
    Bronze Finish Large Plant Holder
    Large Bronze Finish Plant Holder
    Copper Bullet Planter
    from £49.00
    Cylindrical Planter On Black Frame
    from £65.00
    White Washed Terracotta Potted Boston fern
    Miniature Terracotta Potted Succulent Plant
    Potted Pampas Grass Bush with White Fronds
    Harmony White Potted Orchid
    Rustic Garden Tool Wooden Box
    Frog Plant Resin Pot Holder
    Medium Conran Ceramic Vase
    Sale price £59.00 Regular price £79.00 Save £20
    Spray Grass Pot 21 Inch
    Potted Grass With Pom Pom Fronds
    Vibrant Green Large Field Grass Pot
    Wild Grass Pot 36 Inch
    Field Grass Pot 60 Inch
    Large Water Bamboo Grass 72cm
    Terracotta Potted Cacti
    Terracotta Potted Succulent Plant
    Small Potted Water Bamboo Grass 24 Inch
    Glass Apothecary Jar
    from £18.00
    Lotus Lithos Glass Potted Faux In Glass
    Sale price £12.00 Regular price £17.00 Save £5
    Medium Potted Spray Grass in Rusts and Green
    Sale price £24.00 Regular price £32.00 Save £8
    Medium Potted Water Bamboo Grass 48cm
    White Potted Hyacinth in a Stoneware Pot
    Sale price £20.00 Regular price £29.00 Save £9
    Potted Faux Aloe Vera In A Glass
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